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The Benefit of Walking Barefoot on Meads Bay Beach!

Updated: Feb 19

You wake up in the morning, especially early morning - you stretch , yawn, make some coffee and take a look out your window. And there it is - no matter which direction you look all you see is the contrast of white sand and turquoise blue water. And not one person in sight. Without being too obvious about your growing desire to go to the beach, you quickly grab some coffee, put some shorts and a T-shirt on and no shoes. Definitely no shoes! You consider taking your cell phone and immediately decide against it. You leave a note as to where you are and off you go. Out the door, down the steps, onto the sidewalk, past the swimming pool, and suddenly your feet are enveloped in warm, soft comfort. They should make shoes that feel like this !! Just a few more steps and you are on the water’s edge.

Immediately your mind starts to relax. And you notice that your breath is all you can hear, except for the sound of the tide coming in and going out. You look at your watch. Oops you didn’t wear a watch. And that’s fine! You start to think to yourself, should I walk or should I jog or should I run? And suddenly you feel the water lapping over your toes and your feet up to your ankles. And then you know - it’s going to be a walk. A slow walk. A very slow walk - you see footsteps in front of you. Someone else caught the delight before you. Good for them you think. Your mind starts to wonder. But it doesn’t go far - there’s so much to see, but not a lot to look at. Interesting you think. How can the same thing be so beautiful with every step that you take? All of a sudden you see that you have already reached the coral and limestone, almost-smoothed by the tide and you realize you are at the end of Meads Bay. You softly and carefully touch your toes to a smooth piece of rock as though leaving your footprint there. But you secretly know that the water will wash your footprint out to sea. And that’s ok.

You turn around and you start back in the opposite direction. You see Bella Blu’ in the distance - your blissful home for the next 10 days. You feel the sun warm your face and once again, you feel that sensation massaging your toes and your feet and your ankles. Is it the water or the sand that is massaging your toes and feet and ankles? You suddenly remember that you haven’t thought about a thing for the past half hour. Who knew it was possible? Guess you’ll be doing this every morning on beautiful Meads Bay. Maybe tomorrow you’ll bring someone with you or maybe not!

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