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And he said - “honey, let’s just each take a carry-on!”

And the ladies cringe! But he just might be right! A carry-on is, for many island travelers, sufficient for your wardrobe needs depending on the length of your stay. Unless you are the classic ‘over-packer’, the 21/22 inch carry-ons which fit in most airline overheads can make your travel in and out of airports and airplanes much easier! If your stay is longer than 10 days or two weeks, then perhaps the larger size checked baggage is right for you.

What’s everybody wearing that is island chic, easy to pack and still comfortable? Here’s what we suggest -

For the ladies –

  • The beach awaits so swimwear is obviously essential. If you are worried about those tan lines, then bring several different types of swimsuits with different strap and neck lines. Beach cover-ups are very important especially if you plan on spending the entire day on the beach. Bella Blu does have beach umbrellas, but cover-ups are important if you’re going to be walking the beach or heading out for drinks and lunch. A long-sleeve lightweight oversized blouse or shirt goes a long way to cover up too much sun from the day before. Friendly note - there are no nude beaches on this Caribbean island!

  • Let’s go out to dinner! If you’re in the mood for fine dining, then summer dresses can be very appealing and very romantic. Or skirts and tops are nice too! Light weight slacks, capris or palazzo pants with summer tops also look great. If you’re a jeans kind of gal, pack a pair in your carry-on if it makes you feel better….

  • Just the casual lunch or some island sight-seeing? Then T-shirts and shorts are great.

  • How about shoes? Strappy heels are always elegant, but you probably won’t wear them even if you decide to bring them. Comfortable summer sandals or flats, flipflops, and sneakers will probably suffice. If you plan on doing some sea-shelling or exploring, it’s a good idea to bring a pair of water shoes.

  • Hats look great but are not easy to pack - baseball caps work great or visit some of the island boutiques and shops for an assortment of wide-brimmed hats available for purchase.  If you often feel chilly at night or if it’s a breezy day, a light wrap or sweater would be a good idea. Check your weather app for the island temperature range during your stay before you pack.

  • Each Bella Blu unit provides a small safe, but you might consider leaving your expensive jewelry at home.

And how about the guys?

  • Again, beachwear is essential so whatever guys like - swim shorts, swim trunks, comfortable and easy-to-wear.

  • Going out for dinner - nice lightweight upscale casual slacks/shorts and shirts. Restaurants do not require jacket and tie, so leave those at home. If you are a jeans kind of guy, pack a pair just in case.

  • Easy-going during the day attire - think shorts and T-shirts

  • Baseball caps or other easy to pack hats

  • Guys wear shoes too – sandals, loafers, sneakers, and water shoes, but don’t overdo it!

And let’s not forget the kids –

  • The kids will require everything they need at home in the summer - especially swimwear, cover-ups, rash guards, and those important unpredictable ‘wardrobe’ changes. The good thing is kids really don’t care what they wear - just so they’re comfortable! Pack a selection of cute kids attire that can be mixed and matched, including shirts with short and long sleeves, onesies, pants and shorts. And don’t forget the hats!

As an added convenience, Bella Blu can accommodate all of your wardrobe care needs. Each unit has its own washer and dryer for your use including laundry detergent and an iron and ironing board if you so desire -- but remember you ARE on vacation!!

While the grocery and convenience stores on island carry many name-brand toiletry items and sunscreen products, if you have specific needs, bring your own in airline allowable size containers. Bella Blu provides sample size bottles of body wash, shampoo and conditioner, and body lotion in all units.

If you forgot something, no worries - check with the friendly Bella Blu staff to see where on the island you can find what you need including the island boutiques and shops that carry island attire and wardrobe souvenirs from Anguilla!!

So pack light and make your travel days much easier!

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