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The Caribbean Sunrise and Sunset Experience

One of the luxuries included in your stay at Bella Blu beachfront accommodations is to experience the natural wonder of the sun rising and setting over the Caribbean. It doesn’t matter if you are a spectator from your perfectly situated Bella Blu balcony or your very own spot on the white sand beach, you can simply look to your right or to your left and experience Mother Nature at her very best.

The sun rises in the east and on clear mornings if you look to your right as you face the water’s edge, you’ll see the beautiful colors of the morning sky rising up over the Malliouhana Resort, in beautiful pastel hues of yellow, orange, pink and magenta. Add the contrast of white sand and clear blue water and you’ve got Mother Nature’s perfect color pallet. The only decision you will have to make is should you stay on your balcony and enjoy the view at sunrise or walk down to the beach and actually be included in the unfolding of a new day. In either case, you can witness the sun getting higher and higher in the morning sky, as the almost light gets brighter and brighter. There’s just something magical about welcoming the Earth’s sun bringing new light and warmth to a new day as it rises over the calm turquoise water of the Caribbean. It just doesn’t get much better.…

You’ve spent the entire day stretched out on the beach under a Bella Blu umbrella or submerged in the tempered water of the Caribbean - napping, enjoying refreshments, reading your favorite novel, chatting with new found friends. As the sun starts to seek refuge from a hard days work, it slowly starts its downward journey towards the Earth’s horizon and the light orange and amber sky signifies the soon to be end of day in a panoramic unobstructed view as seen from your own beachside perch at Bella Blu. And then there’s the visible famous green flash— that’s if you are lucky enough to see one! What exactly is the green flash? On those cloudless early evenings, just before the sun is completely gone out-of-sight, often times there is a distinct green flash that can be seen just above the horizon as the very last memories of the sun drop out of sight. The green flash is brought on by atmospheric changes, and therefore may not be seen at every sunset. There’s much myth and folklore about that green flash, and what it represents. Don’t be surprised if you hear the excitement and cheers coming from a few avid sunset watchers on days when the sun cooperates!! The sunset is usually worth the wait as you close your perfect day, knowing that you’ll be there again tomorrow… Same time, same place. Welcome to Paradise!!

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